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Our vision is to grow, develop, and allow ourselves the opportunity to become ore and more creative with and amongst each other each and every day. We are not only using our voices for ourselves, but for those whose voices go unheard. The future lies in our hands, and with great perseverance, we will spread positivity amongst our city. Community for Unity we stand.


Our mission is to share quality music through choral music. dynamic live performances, and positive and fulfilled attitudes to create a live visual with our community. Realizing our full potential with a universal sound. Becoming the lead choir of our city to represent what we the people see everyday amongst us, and turn it around through entertainment and fun. Can we do this alone? NO...but it is the mission that we have chosen to take to our communities. All can be done with unity and with all ethnic backgrounds! We will become ONE SOUND, TOGETHER!

"It's not only you singing, but you growing as a person, and expressing it through music." 

-Cambria D. Wyrick

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